10-Inch Rewindable

10-Inch Rewindable


Easy to assemble with double flange
Cable material according to drinking water regulations (VDE/ACS/KTW approved)
SAND FIGHTER™ SiC seal system for high performance in sand
High efficiency electrical design for low operation cost
All motors prefilled and 100% tested
Maximum storage temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
Designed for retrofitable Pt100 sensor
Non contaminating FES93 filled design
Standard Water Well construction have cast iron end frames epoxy coated and 316SS stator shell
Technical Specifications:

85 to 185 kW
10″ flange
Potection: IP68
Starts per hour: max. 10
Installation position: vertical/horizontal (185 kW motors may not be installed horizontally!!)
Motor lead in 6 metres (KTW approved)
Standard volatges: 380-415 V/50Hz, 460 V/60 Hz
Voltage tolerance 50 Hz: -10% / +6% UN 380-415V = (380-10%) – (415V+6%)
Voltage tolerance 60 Hz: ±10% UN
Motor protection: Select thermal overloads according to DIN 61947-4-1, trip class 10 or 10A, trip time Standard motor with PVC winding insulation for max.ambient temperature of 25°C with a min. cooling flow: v = 0.5 m/s

1,000 V, 2,300 V and 3,300 V 50 Hz DOL motors for high voltages are available for Standard, 316SS and 904L constructions.
Wye/Star Delta start (pos. of cable 90°)
Motors in complete 316SS and 904L constructions
PE2/PA winding insulation for max. ambient temp. of 45°C at the same cooling conditions as standard PVC
Pt100 temperature sensor (sold separately)
Lead in different lengths up to 50 metres

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